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Default Re: How to beat Anderson Silva (HILARIOUS!)

Originally Posted by rainmaker View Post
What I called was that Silva would finish him whenever he decides to do so and I read many comments saying how tough Bonnar is and how Silva can't finish him because no one had stopped him. Well I was pointing out that this toughness was never going to work against Silva as he simply clowned Bonnar, gave him free hits and when he got bored of playing he closed the show in brutal fashion.

Your chum Peter ends up with egg on his face and has since disappeared. You were both trying to say it was going to be a tough fight, but I told you it would be **** easy for the Spider.
You called the fight for Silva by easy stoppage, leaving yourself the option for Silva winning in more than one round.

I called the fight for Silva by way of steady beatdown, acknowledging the chance for the p4p #1 and possible GOAT to annihilate the larger granite-chinned journeyman, as he has done in the LHW division before. But generally, I wasn't making strong predictions so much as just waiting to see what would happen. Waiting to see which man would surprise me.

So I called the result correctly but the specifics wrong, sort of. And you called the fight correctly, and didn't need your fallback of Anderson carrying Bonnar. But really, both of us just predicted the GOAT to beat the biggest underdog in UFC main-event history. So it's hardly anything for anyone to crow too hard about really.

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