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Default Re: How to beat Anderson Silva (HILARIOUS!)

Originally Posted by rainmaker View Post
I saw your posts in the other thread too, you were sitting on the fence a fair bit, and saying Anderson will win, but what if........

I never went down that road at least, I pretty much said with certainty that Silva would finish it, and that it was a mismatch. I only saw one outcome, a silva win in brutal fashion. That's the difference from our predictions.
Fair enough, but it's splitting hairs really. It's not like I denied the possibility of Silva annihilating him, far from it. I never rated Bonnar's chances as anything other than small, and only then if a 37 year old Anderson had an off night. Which can happen to any fighter (or any athlete for that matter) and nobody can predict it in advance.

It's not a fluke that Bonnar had never been stopped except by cut. But Anderson is the UFC's ATG for a reason. I wasn't THAT surprised by the ease of his victory. But I was more surprised than you were. Is that fair.

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