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Originally Posted by FastHands(beeb) View Post
Haye may have "called out" Wlad as a token gesture immediately after the fight, but all the quotes I've seen from Haye ever since have Haye wanting to fight Vitali.

Dempsey may or may not have dodged Wills, I don't know (it's been discussed on ESB ad nauseaum and it's quite likely he did), but I think he showed his 'competitive spirit' many a time on his way up, fighting in a much tougher era than Haye would likely have survived in.

Anyway, Haye's 6 career HW fights in 4.5 years is hardly a resume to brag about; he's not exactly cleaned out the division himself, and hardly went out 'on his shield' against Wlad; at least Dempsey took a rematch with his conqueror Tunney, Haye put up such a poor show against Wlad there was very little demand for a rematch.
This is where we disagree, what makes Dempsey's era so tough from the opponents he actually faced? I think it's an era Haye would excell in. Mainly smaller men or very unskilled larger men. Which of Dempsey's opposition beats Haye, I think Haye beats the lot including Tunney. Now the era may have been hard from an economic stand point, in terms of talent of the boxers Dempsey fought it isn't great

If you're saying Haye only had '6 heavyweight fights', ie 200lbs + fights, he's actually had 7. Dempsey has had what 4 significant 200lb+ fights himself, Willard/Firpo/Fulton/Morris. Good wins but not great. The rest of Dempsey's opposition are crusers, which is very comparable to Haye fighting at cruser

You're complaining about Haye's HW resume, well most of his career was at cruser where he fought his way up winning the european title, beating ranked contender before facing the undisputed champion before unifying with a lesser belt and all of that is commendable.

His HW opposition isn't the best but his overall competition stands up to Dempsey's. Valuev was younger than Willard, Ruiz was a year older than Willard but more active. Actually let's compare overall competition as it stands to see who's fought harder opposition:


Haye fought on average bigger men, amongst those names there are 4 world champions, 3 European champions and a british champion. None of those fighters Haye beat are great but neither are any of the fighters Dempsey beat, the undersized Gibbons perhaps being the exception

As for Haye putting on a poor show against Wlad, I don't see the relevance. Dempsey didn't do any better against Tunney and Wlad is a much much better heavyweight than anyone Dempsey faced
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