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Default Re: How to beat Anderson Silva (HILARIOUS!)

Originally Posted by rainmaker View Post
Come on man, it's still an embarrassing defeat whichever way you spin it. A fighter's pride is at stake when they step foot in a ring or a cage, to get beat in such a manner of course is embarrassing. No one likes to get treated with such disdain and mocked, then taken out like that. Don't you think?
I think that Bonnar will take it in good spirit. It's not like he got taken out in twenty seconds before he had a chance to do anything, so he won't be tortured with "what ifs". And it's not like he suffered a brutal, extended, merciless beating either.

He went to Brazil on short notice to challenge the UFC's GOAT in front of the guy's countrymen. Anderson stood against the cage and said "Come fight me bro." Bonnar manned the **** up and repeatedly went toe-to-toe with him, knowing damned well that he was totally outclassed and moving forward swinging hard anyway. He accepted the challenge, and Anderson toyed with him and KOed him with one shot. That's exactly what the GOAT has done to many better fighters than Bonnar.

No humiliation for Bonnar as far as I see it. He fought as hard as he could, he showed he had ***** by wading in fearlessly instead of avoiding initiating exchanges with Anderson. He kept his pride. Everyone including Bonnar himself knew that Anderson was light years above him and was going to **** him up, and he took the fight to the GOAT anyway. No shame in his performance at all IMO - he did everything that we could have expected of him.

And now he'll always know exactly how great the UFC's greatest champion was. He'll be having a lot of laughs for years, telling stories about the time he went to Brazil to fight Anderson ****ing Silva, and almost made it out of the first round. And he made a fat sack of cash to console him as well.

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