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Default Rating the longevity of Nogueira.

Thought I'd start a thread on a relatively dead forum.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

In my eyes and most other peoples who have followed this sport for more than the Zuffa era its obvious that Nogueira is held in very high esteem. From his life threatening meeting with a truck as a ten year old to the thirty six years old, scarred warrior, this man has fought at the highest level for the vast majority of his career.

In my opinion while he never has the accolade of being a dominant champ ( thanks to a certain Mr Emelianenko) in the vein of Silva and GSP, he has a resume that surpasses anybody else.. Skills and whatnot are nice but resume is the most important factor when rating a fighter.

My question is while there are fighters who may have been better than him in his time, are there any still competing at the top level(UFC )?

Silva and Fedor both started after Nogueira and one of them is no longer competing and Silva with no blame to him has had an average division to showcase his skills. Only GSP (as I dont quite hold Hendo as highly as others
) has a shot of this longevity.

Sorry for the length, boring lunch break at work.
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