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Default Re: Pavlik is a bad fight for ward

Originally Posted by booradley View Post
Ward gets an "A+" where Rosinsky gets a "B-." However, I watched Pav/Rosinsky 3 times, and a few different things occured to me. KP fought Rosinsky before there was any talk about Ward/Pavlik, but Rosinsky was a pretty decent Ward tune up.

The only time Rosinsky bothered Pav was when he hit Kelly with a very ward-esque head butt. A short time later Will ended up on the ropes eating about 6 KP shoulders to the jaw. Love him or hate him, fouling KP is never a good idea.

I noticed that in the Froch fight Ward stayed clean for the most part. I suspect he stayed clean because he knew that if he fouled Froch, Carl would come unstuck on his ass. He'll have to keep it clean with Pav as well, and considering Ward's normal tactics that is not to his advantage.

Back to Rosinsky. I find the criticism of Pavlik's performance in that fight to be way off base. Pavlik fought a guy who was a stylistic nightmare for him, stayed calm and resolute, and won 9 of 10 rounds. Will Rosinsky is no Andre Ward, but Pav shows signs of being a calmer, more thoughtful fighter than he has ever been. He'll be able to up his game a notch or two between now and February.

Whether people want to admit it or not has no bearing on reality. Kelly Pavlik is the best in-fighter Ward has faced to date. He uses his shoulders well, he can hook with both hands, he throws uppercuts with both hands, he shifts from orthodox to southpaw and back seemlessly, he rides punches well, and he's strong as an ox.

KP's biggest problem with Ward will lie in the fact that he does not transition well from offense to defense. When Ward leads Pavlik will have real problems doing much other than covering up. Kelly is not a great counter puncher. He says he's working on that, but I really have not seen much progress. The real danger may come from Ward seizing the initiative and keeping it. Pav may not be able to make him back off because he can't counter him.

Andre Ward, "The Son of God," is a pretentious, arrogant, concieted asshole. He will under-estimate Pavlik. Take that to the bank. A few rounds in He'll realize he is in a real fight, and it will be intersting to see how he responds to that.

Pavlik, on the other hand, knows he will be facing one of the top fighters of the current era: A kid who stands a good chance of usurping Calzaghe's place as the all time best at 168. I've been following KP since he was 18 years old, so trust me on this, Pavlik wants redemption, and Ward is his shot. As long as KP stays on his current path, and keeps his **** together, he may very well put on his best performance to date.

Will he win? As of right now, I doubt it. Will he surprise the **** out of a bunch of people? Probably.
I "get it", I honestly like Kelly and wish him the best, but Ward beats the **** out of him and this would be a horrible fight for him to take. If he (Pavlik) were smart he'd fight Bute, Ward ****s down his neck, all due respect to Kelly.
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