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Default Re: If Vitali was fighting in the 1970's-1980's

Originally Posted by FlyingFrenchman View Post
I'm not a huge Vitali Klitschko fan... not sure why somebody would think that? I'm just giving my opinion.

So he can beat Ali and Holmes but he's going to have trouble with Tubbs, Smith, and Tucker?
Do not know how much trouble , but what disturbed me in your post was your supposition that he would have stopped them .

Originally Posted by FlyingFrenchman View Post
This retrospect love for Young, Tubbs, Page, Tucker, and others is starting to get out of hand. These guys were hot and cold and had very few wins over top HWs. When they did beat a decent fighter it was usually very close or they struggled to get the win.
but usually hypotetic h2h fights r meant prime vs prime , not prime vs shot/injured/old/heavily drugged / severely drained

I could as well , match a shoulder injured Vitali against them and predict that every 1 of them would have stopped him .

And no , it is not a try 2 diminish Byrd's win , as I st8ed b4 , I believe that Byrd made Vitali punch his own shoulder out .

Originally Posted by FlyingFrenchman View Post
Tucker got outboxed by Douglas before Douglas ran out of gas and got stopped in round 10.
this is d myth . It was a competitive fight , and Tucker got d better of it eventually . Did u watch it ?

Tucker managed what neither Tyson nor McCall managed against Douglas .

Originally Posted by FlyingFrenchman View Post
Who else did he beat? He decisioned a washed up Jimmy Young and a never was in James Broad. He was lucky to get the wins over Orlin Norris and Oliver McCall.
Maybe somewhat lucky vs Norris , but did u watch him vs McCall ? how can i have it ?

Originally Posted by FlyingFrenchman View Post
he lost to Norris in a rematch. He clearly lost to Tyson and Lewis. He was dropped twice by Lewis. No shame in losing to these two but did he really even give them much trouble? No! Tucker really wasn't much. He didn't get knocked out by Tyson and Lewis... so what!
He did not get KOd by Akinwande either and he stopped Douglas , unlike Tyson and McCall .

Notice that he was d older man by 7 years in all of these fights except 4 Tyson where he was older by 8 and Douglas , where he was "only" older by 2 years .

Reverese d age differences and think how he does then ?
Considering how he actually did .

Originally Posted by FlyingFrenchman View Post
Tubbs decisioned a washed up Young and won non dominating decisions over Bonecrusher Smith and Page. He lost a boring but close decision to Witherspoon. He decisioned Wimpy Halstead (tough and fun to watch but far from a top HW). He was stopped in the 2nd round by Tyson and was never in the fight. He gave an up and coming Bowe trouble and decisioned Bruce Seldon. He lost close decisions to Jimmy Thunder and Alexander Zolkin after getting stopped by Lionel Butler LKOby1 and Jimmy Ellis LKOby1 and before getting stopped in 4 by Brian Nielsen. Not so special was he?
U took d bother 2 repeat d irrelevant parts of his record ? i know how 2do it myself , in fact , it took me time until i learned which parts 2 disregard , and which parts 2 regard .

Originally Posted by FlyingFrenchman View Post
Smith? He was stopped by James Broad, Larry Holmes, Razor Ruddock, and 4 others. Vitali didn't have the "smash" but I think he had the right combination of skill, power, and durability to break Smith down.
Smith's 1st loss 2 Holmes was due 2 cuts .
He was old against Ruddock and very old against those "4 others" that stopped him (? , since i did not bother 2 check it now , but suppose that there were 4 others)

Most of your post here was spot off .
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