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Default Re: UFC 153 in summary

In summary:

Silva put on a show. I felt a bit bad for Bonnar because Silva clowned him a bit. But He invited a brawl by keeping his hands down and back on the cage. Can't hate on that!

Happy for Nog. He looked great. I want him to rematch Mir.

Silva looked great. Fitch is just so friggin tough and effective. I am happy to see Fitch get the win and look kind of exciting doing so. He deserves it. He has taken way too much **** over the years.

Glover is a ****ing animal. That was the worst beating I think I've seen someone take in one round. Maldonado is inhuman with the amount of punisment he took! And still delivered that big left hook that almost put Glover down!

I want to see a picture of Maldonado's face the next day! Ouch.
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