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Default Re: Mayweather to fight in May 2013?

Originally Posted by puga_ni_nana View Post
well floyd was offered a pac fight for dec or early next year by TMT. arum mentioned he has no problem working with TMT. pac was actually delaying to sign the jmm fight to see floyd's response. 50 mentioned that floyd needs more time. floyd confirmed this by saying that he is not focused on fighting right now and just lost 15 pounds.

it's a really BS excuse not to fight right?
Who knows if he lost 15lb or not but he had just gotten out of prison

Do you honestly think after what he did for months chasing pac and arum to book in may5 that he doesent want it?

They both want the fight, arum dont.

What happends if floyd comes back? Pacs booked for april, floyd will fight may as per usual and that leaves pacquiaos final fight in november... I think floyd will fight twice a year as he has expressed interest before going to jail.

But as pacquiaos last fight arum is looking to throw pac in with a young future TOP RANK star so that pac can passthe torch and keep it in house
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