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Default Re: Sparring with old men lol

Originally Posted by Ricky42791 View Post
Has their ever been an elder member of your gym that does boxing for fitness but wants to spar? One time this old guy in decent shape for his age maybe 60 was telling me how no one wants to spar with him because he's a "old man" I told him i'd put in a round or two with him to be courteous and my coach looked at me like if you hurt this guy i swear to god you're dead. I worked on head movement and defense while he threw his punches. I would tap him every now and then so he didnt feel like i was letting him win or anything. He seemed really happy afterwards and I believe it was a feather in his cap. He had a better jab than I thought. Have you ever sparred with older members of your boxing club? if so whats your experience/story?

Seems like a lame thread but i'm just curious and what the etiquette is for sparring old guys lol
You should have let him knock you down so he will really be happy.
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