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Default Re: Why do Fans give Shane Mosley a Pass for Steroids.

Originally Posted by Bogotazo View Post
Good way of looking at it.

I think it also helps that he was only with Conte and BALCO for that one fight, and achieved a lot before and after the DLH rematch. He also claims he didn't know EPO was illegal, which may be hard to believe, but you never know, these guys aren't biochemists. It's the same reason I can't really hate Margarito; I don't like him and I'm pretty sure he loaded his wraps, but I don't really know so judgement beyond the facts is arbitrary. Shane made a mistake, his reputation suffered, and has brought us exciting fights for a long time outside of that incident.
agreed. although i think he loaded his gloves against Cotto and possibly a couple more, i dont hold a huge grudge and discrediting all of his wins and dont think he did it his whole career. it's his style of fighting that won his fights.
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