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Default Re: Kill or be Killed: Who was more up for it than Margarito

Originally Posted by PityTheFool View Post
I know it's hard to argue with a lot of the opinions about Margarito.
But I don't give a ****,he was one of my two or three favourite fighters for a while and the first Cotto fight is one of the best I ever saw as it happened.
I miss him,and I get why people don't but that's how I feel.
I hear ya man, that was an awesome fight. If I ever make a top ten list that fight will more then likely make the cut. Very anticipated match that lived up to the hype. I say screw the hand wrap theory, Margarito was finished after the Cotto war, not because he wasn't loaded anymore but because they beat the hell out of eachother. Margarito looked like absolute **** against Shane (sorry Tony if you're reading this ) it was an overrated win for Mosley in my opinion simply because of how bad Margarito looked. His gloves were loaded alright, with 5 pound weights, going by how his punches looked.
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