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Default Re: Maybe cotto did beat mayweather

Originally Posted by Pimp C View Post
Exactly PBF landed the cleaner and harder blows. The fact that PBF got his nose busted up by jabs and he was able to pin PBF against the ropes gave the illusion that he was doing better than he actually was. When in fact he was losing rounds clearly and taking a lot of punishment. I guess the fact that people thought PBF was going to put on a Gatti type of performance led them into thinking Cotto did better and it was a close fight. PBF won that fight going away 10-2 or 9-3 at worst.
Floyd being pinned against the ropes and the fact that Floyd bled really influenced some people's perception on the fight. It's so damn important, imo, to watch a fight on mute. HBO announcers, in particular, do not call what is happening. They have a script and they try to blend their script with the fight, or at least it seems like that.

Floyd looked solid in his fight vs Cotto even though he was much less mobile than what he used to be.
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