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Default Re: Kill or be Killed: Who was more up for it than Margarito

Originally Posted by clutch94 View Post
A thread dedicated to plasterito. jesus christ. What is this world coming to.

Marg could die tomorow and Id chuckle like a little kid. Any man who goes into a 36 minute fight with plaster on their hands is the definition of scumbag.

Herpderp but he was a tough sob. So are tons of fukken fighters today. I dont see anyone making paul williams tough SOB thread. But because this clown said this random statement on 24/7 all his flunkies come out.

You didn't read the thread title you douche bag... KILL or be killed! Margarito didn't play boxing... He was ready for battle everytime he fought! WAR Margarito AKA The Manster! Deal with it..
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