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Default Re: Pavlik is a bad fight for ward

Let's try a little reality check.

In 42 fights Pavlik had trouble with cuts ONE TIME, and in that fight the cut man was so incompetent that when he went to pick up his check Cameron Duncan gave him half the money, and said, "Get the **** out of my office, and don't ever let me see your face again!"

In 42 fights Pavlik has been seriously hurt ONE TIME. Hopkins hit him almost at will, and never came close to putting him away. When Lampley ask BHop if he was trying to knock Kelly out, Bernard said emphatically, "YES, ABSOLUTELY."

Andre Ward WILL NOT stop Pavlik, or even come close to stopping him. There may be some beast out there on the rise who will eventually knock KP out, but Andre Ward is no beast. Ward couldn't even stop a seriously faded Miranda; a guy Bute, Abraham, and Pavlik all beat seven shades of **** out of.
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