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Default Re: Brandon rios vs mike alvarado

What a boring fight. I am not entertained by this sort of fight, Two sluggers. No thanks. What is so great about two bar room brawlers? They are not word class boxers either of them, but world class brawlers they are. That is not boxing. That is just bang bang bang. Or hit hit hit, 'who cares if I get hit back.' That stuff was horrible. I only watched a few rounds (not live, I skipped forward a bit too). When I watch that sort of stuff it makes me appreciate MMA and I hate MMA. People seem to love Gatti Vs Ward but Gatti and Ward were both bums of the month. You may as well get two guys from the local boozer and sling them in the ring and put it on tv and you will get your 'fight of the year'.
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