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Default Re: MUNDINE CHALLENGES GEALE OFFICIALLY. offers to take the smaller purse!

Originally Posted by badlefthook84 View Post
The rematch sells and more importantly, its credible. Mundine decisioned Geale, simple as. Take away the nonsense of the tape coming off the gloves and yes Mundine should of had a point deducted., but it was never a robbery. I can't stand Mundine but in my eyes he legitamtely won an extremely close fight that night. Thought Geale was very green that night though, huge step up from Ajetovic and Dawson. Too square on going forward, hung his chin out when stepping back out, none of the sublime footwork he possess now. I think Geale soundly beats Mundine on points in a rematch. 118-110 kinda card. Improved so much. Far more seasoned now and Mundine is really flat footed these days. Hand speed and relexes still very good but his legs are gone.
I agree with this and agree Mundine edged a close fight and would also watch a rematch but I don't want this fight to happen. Geale earnt his belts the right way and would hate Mundouche to swan in and maybe get lucky and take them off him. Wouldn't begrudge Gealey the payday though just make sure their's a rematch clause.
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