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Originally Posted by darkhorse View Post

..sorry Daniel..I'm understanding your negitivity towards Lez now...but your thoughts are just another opinion...which you are obviously entitled too..

..maybe the difference between you and Lez is that Lez has carved out a half decent career thus far and while possessing a limited skill set has still managed to establish himself as a major drawcard in two cities through sheer determination and heart..

..and obviously he recognised that he had to lift his game to another level and improve his boxing skills..hence his heartbreaker of a decision to split with his great mate and longtime mentor Danny McGrail and hook up with Brendan Smith... mate maybe it worked out for the best that your challenge to him never came off because it would seem that there was every chance you were gunna come off second best in that one...

..but good on had a decent career and fought a few big names...I respect that..but that doesn't mean that your right in your opinion towards I said earlier..your's is just a opinion...your entitled to yours and i'm entitled to mine..
I doubt you even really Know Sherrington or your just some re**** hanger on who sniffs around the gym. Considering a bum like Mumtaz was able to easily destroy Sherrington in one round imagine what a good fighter would do to him.
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