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Default Re: ufc on FX gate numbers

The UFC needs to decide which way it wants to go. If they want to be an all encompassing MMA organization, meaning Big Cards in Las Vegas and Macau as well as small cards in some backwater city in Japan they probably need to introduce regional titles and regional GMs, it would help stir interest in these small cards and actually give people a shot at believing the card they're paying money for matters in the long run. So UFC Asia/Oceania have Yushin Okami as the MW champion, North America would have Chael, South America would have who is ever behind Anderson, EMEA would get one as well and the World champion would be Anderson. It possibly could give a clearer picture and regional Champion vs Regional Champion fights for the number 1 contender spot could happen.

Another and hopefully more likely deal would be regional promotions, same concept but branded differently therefore making the main UFC brand the cream of the crop. so there would be Pride in Japan/Asia, Strikeforce in the US, and other promotions that have maybe a UFC crossover, or if a guy like Big Nog gets injured he'll go there for his rehab fight.
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