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Default Re: How big is too big?

There's a reason there are no 180lb or 200lb HW champs today

Smaller guys suffer from

1. Less power - no Satterfield didn't have quite enough power against HWs
2. LEss durable - smaller men rarely have the same punch resistance
3. Reach/height - the smaller man has to overcompensate
4. Being pushed around- pushing someone around the ring is much easier when you're bigger than them. The smaller man gets pushed on his backfoot, he loses his power on his backfoot and momentum. The smaller opponent will find it 1000% harder to push a big man back because he doesn't have the weight momentum
5. Getting tired from being leaned on
6. Not being able to rest - every boxer takes rounds or time off to take breathers. It's much easier to do this when you're taller heavier, than when you're smaller
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