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Thats about right. Gatti had huge power at 130 lbs but relied too much on it. Gatti was kept away from Tszyu for a reason!!
Originally Posted by ecto55 View Post
When was Gatti at his best?...Yank's say 135...I never noticed him there, and to be truthful, although I've now seen many of those earlier Gatti bouts, I thought he looked better when he was trying to incorporate some boxing guile into game under McGirt.

Such "boxing" by Gatti, which involved pretty basic concepts like moving his head, moving away when hurt and circling to rest/recover, jabbing up and down to disrupt an opponent before launching his offence etc etc., isn't anything that would have troubled KT.

KT handled quicker handed, faster footed, harder hitting, physically bigger and more imposing and stronger opponents, as well as better infighters, better boxers, s/paws etc. Only aspect that Gatti has better or equel to any of KT's other opponents is heart- and he had plenty of that!!

But even the older KT versus Hatton would have caught up with Gatti, and hurt him enough to put on a highlight real finish. And if Gatti came in swinging his **** to 'fight' KT early, it could have been over very early.

My 2 cents.
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