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Default Re: What is the best kicking martial art?

Muay Thai doesn't use flashy techniques, it's all about power, efficiency and damage done to opponent. Kyokushin Karate and Tae Kwon Do have more kicks but some of them are situational and very hard to pull off. With some kicks if you don't perform them correctly you can seriously injure yourself. (tornado kick for example) Usually in Karate for the kicks they use the foot and in Muay Thay the shin-bone. It's debatable what technique is the best.
BTW: I've seen Baukaw using some serious bobing and weaving against the rope ala Mayweather. There are some defensive fighters like Bonjasky or Semmy Shilt but in K1 aggressivity is scored better than using defensive technique that why you don't see many defensive fighters.
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