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Default Re: Arum doesn't believe Mayweather wants Pacquiao

Bob is a knob.... The fight could have happened May 5th this year if they wanted it...

Mayweather certainly wanted the fight on May 5th.

Clearly he has forgotten making every excuse under the sun to avoid making the fight.

These are excuses Pac, Arum, Roach and Pac****s have come up with as to why Pacquiao can't fight Mayweather on May 5th or ever.

1. Pac's team want to make JMM-Pac IV fight
2. Cut needs 8 months to heal
3. Arum said Floyd going to jail so can't make fight
4. May 5th fight will be reserved for JMM-Pac IV fight
**(FMJ sentence pushed)**
5. Arum says May 5th too soon for cut to heal
6. Need time to build large stadium
7. Fight should be in Dubai or Dallas not Vegas
8. Floyd NEEDS to personally call me -Bob Arum
9. Arum is not sure why Schaffer keeps calling him, so Arum won't return call
10. Pacquiao has picked right opponent but it's a secret...shhhh...
11. Purse has to be 50/50, even though Pac said he would take the smaller purse
12. Arum said he is not pushing for fight because Floyd is really fighting Guerrero
13. Pac is running for president and fighting Floyd would not be good press because of Floyd's disrespectful ways.
14. Arum doesn't know who to call to reach Floyds business
15. Floyd must first guarentee his purse (yet Floyd and MoneyTeam have more money than all inverstors combined).
16. Pactarrds say May 5th is only for mexicans.
17. Pac says Floyd can't demand OSTD
18. Blood testing weakens Pac
19. Pac is afraid of needles
20. Floyd is too big
21. Need more time to promote fight.
22. Top Rank has investors needed for a fight of this magnitutude..joe jackson and Bobby Brown
23. Mayweather is fighting Erik Morales so pac has to fight a possible other 4 guys.
24. People won't pay to see Mayweather's style
25. "I don't even know what ees a steroid" -Manny Pacquiao -Future President of the Filipines
26. Maywaether may not get a licensed by the boxing commision, so we can't negotiate fight- Bob Arum
27. We need a bigger temporary stadium to have lower ticket/ppv prices for the fans
28. Floyd Mayweather's team are amateurs
29. Mayweather camp are negotiating through the media
30. Arum is giving him a dose of reality, thats why he's not making the fight.
31. Pac and Arum playing games with floyd to mock him.
32. Mayweather had his chance but he blew it in 2009.
33. Floyd doesn't REALLY want to fight, he's just posturing.
34. Fight would have been already over ages ago had it not been for floyd making it impossible
35. Arum: "We still don't know who to talk to on Mayweather's side"!!!
36. Manny Pacquiao has lost a step since Cotto.
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