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Default Re: Who has a better chin Tyson Fury or David Price

I probably differ when it comes to examining chin/punch resistance than some here, but I don't care if Fury has gone down by seemingly light punchers in the heavyweight division. The thing is, he gets up. Yea, his chin could be better, a lot better, but it's not dog****. So far, for me, his recovery rate is better than his chin. It's when the recovery is as weak as the chin when you have someone like Amir Khan (against Prescott, not so much Garcia) or Jones Jr when you have trouble.

Also… I've seen that Price clip only a handful of times and, honestly, first time I saw it, knowing so many people are critical of his chin, I was expecting him to be flattened. He was on his sit on the rope but made it to his feet. He was hardly concussed. Furthermore, that's Cammarrelle in there. One of the finest amateur boxers of the last 15 years, not some mook from down the street.

Overall, I'd say they're even.
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