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Default Re: Price's career going nowhere

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
He is 14-0. He's learning. Skelton, if it happens, is happening in December. That's a fast turnaround. He's hardly "another Povetkin." Povetkin is a protected "world" champion. Price is boxing his way up the rankings - at his own pace.

He's 29. As a HW, he may peak as late as five years from now. At this rate, he will have fought for a world title before then.

People need to chill the **** out about propsects. Fighting for the title at 14-0 is totally abnormal. Lewis was 22-0 when he first fought for a wold title and likley didn't peak until he was 34, 35. Wladimir was 34-1 and didn't peak until he was 33, 34.

Now, at 14-0 and aged 29, Price is "another Povetkin"?

Yes wlad and lewis were still at their peak in their 30s, but not their physical peak, they would have lost speed and stamina by then, but what kept them at their peak then was the wealth of experience they had acquired through spending years at the top of the division. Price won't have that at 33.
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