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Default Re: Price's career going nowhere

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
You should see the guy Tyson fought for his fifteenth opponent...let's just say a 45 year old Matt Skelton would be a heavy favourite to beat him.

Tyson was moved along beautifully. He gathered confidence experience and when he fought for the title he was abo****ely primed. When he was 15-0, like Price, he was fighting opponents he was expected to easily beat. Yes, Tyson was much younger, but Price is in no hurry. He's an athlete, takes care of himself, and has no wear. I wouldn't expect him to start dropping off until he was around 36.

He has some, if not a lot of time, and his style is good for that type of longevity. Skelton is fine. If he's still fighting the same type of guy this time next year? We got a problem.
i agree with everything you said buddy..i just get worried about over confidence and what price will do when he finally steps up and cant knock guys out easily.will he cope well??wlad didnt and it took him a while to get over it..skelton wont give him rounds.and we knew audley wouldnt.thats all i was saying.he needs rounds imo...great prospect tho...

ive really got a taste for price vs helenius love to see the bout now..

and ill not start about tyson i couldnt be anoyed arguing with his fans
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