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Default Re: Price's career going nowhere

Originally Posted by Ncc84 View Post
Yes wlad and lewis were still at their peak in their 30s, but not their physical peak, they would have lost speed and stamina by then, but what kept them at their peak then was the wealth of experience they had acquired through spending years at the top of the division. Price won't have that at 33.
Fighters improve and decline at the same time; their peak is where the tehcnical, tactical and strategic aspects of their boxing meets the nearest high point of their phyiscal prime. But this is different for every type. For Tyson it was far, far more important to be at or near his physical peak to be at his very best; this is not the case for Price who has a style that lends itself, usually, to longevity.

This is because a cornerstone of this style is to control the tempo (sparing his stamina) and is based more upon technical excellence than speed to begin with (though a dramatic drop off will still really hurt, obviously).

But all of this is in his future - we'll see. My point is that those deriding him for facing his fifth opponent in one calander year because that opponent is a weak opponent don't know what they are talking about. It is natural, normal, and of surprise to absolutely nobody in the indsutry.

Next year he will face Fury or someone similar - that's got management. If he continues to fight at this level next year, like I said, we've got a problem.

But that almost certainly won't happen.
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