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Default Re: Pugilistic dementia...

Originally Posted by godlikerich View Post
It is largely based on the individual. Some fighters have taken tremendous punishment and don't seem punch drunk at all. Others show extremely bad symptoms and have taken less punishment. His style won't favour him though. He likes to fight and enjoys being hit.
Some good examples of that are defensive specialists like Benitez who suffers from pugilistic dementia and Whitaker and Toney who both have trouble with their speech then on the other spectrum you have guys like Genne Fullmer,Carmen Basilio,Jake Lamotta,Tony De Marco etc guys who took more punishment in one fight than guys like Benitez,Toney and Whitaker took in their entire careers and they are still going strong both physical and mentally in their late 80's early 90's, it really depends on the individual like you said.
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