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Default Re: The better win Mayweather UD Mosley or Donaire TKO Nishioka.

Originally Posted by D4thincarnation View Post
1. Nishioka was the number fighter in the division had been for 2/3 years. Mosley was not, Pacquiao was after his demoliton of Cotto. And Mosley had been on the slide for several years.

2. Floyd not go to P4P number 1, that place was Pacquiiao's again. Donaire should be at 2 now.

3. Nishioka was the top of his division, Mosley was not.

4: Nishioka had a 12 month lay off, Mosley and nearly 17 months.

5: Nishioka is 36, Mosley was 38, about 2 and a half years older.

6 They were both favourites, what next they both had two arms, and they both had two legs.
You are one dumb ass mother****er. If you are going to counter my post then please do us all a favor and check your facts. You stupid opinions don't count. Ive been enjoying and participating in this sport and other martial arts for a while now, son. So when I post I make sure to double check what I write. I don't want to sound idiotic like you. So go over the points I stated, AND READ THEM CLEARLY. Then if you can muster the ability to produce an inform post come back and we will chat, otherwise **** off.
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