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Default Re: What did the Getting Rid of Same Day Weigh In Bring Us?

Originally Posted by Flea Man View Post
I think I read something a while back that said deaths hadn't drastically dropped off since the change.
as far as I know there was a spinx fight called off/delayed because of weight and this was the main reason for the rule change

deaths in boxing are almost always someone's fault, deaths as a result of dehydration were caused by fighters/managers agreeing to make unrealistic weights.

day before weighins was imo a poor response that protects the side that has put itself in the wrong, more than this it has become a disadvantage to an opposition fighter at his natural weight

imo if they had wanted to protect boxers then a 'weight passport' would have been the way to go(i.e a fighter is weighed regularly and not allowed to fight below a % of the average)

the same applies to many of the deaths caused by previous injury, boxing didn't cause these deaths, participating in boxing while physically unfit does, Mclellan and Paret, along with their teams both knew of the problems but fought anyway.

edit: a less emotive example is if you know your brakes are shot, it is not the roads fault when you crash
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