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Default Re: Could Ali handle the size of a Lewis?

Originally Posted by hernanday View Post
I never said height was the only variable in fact I said
"1. Klitschko reach is also 80, so there goes his jab. Him and ali have equal reaches meaning the guy with the faster fist and feet win."
Two gun slingers with the same gun, whoever can pull quicker wins. whoever is able to fire it off first wins.

Even at that the shorter fighter is at an advantage because there is less of him to hit, no one practices throwing punches down. And everyone knows you chop a tree down by the root not the top, there'd be no reason for Ali to attempt to throw to his face when his body is wide open.

Even if we assume two equal fighters with only difference being height. Who has a bigger head, who has bigger body, who will not be able to properly defend their body because there arms are proportionally shorter, who will tired first because tall guys have endurance issues. Despite being cut as he is Klitschko will never be able to keep both his muscle and move well. Lennox is a freak in that regard.
Size is more than just lenght, that's why we have weight divisions.
If there were heightdivisions we would have guys like Mike Tyson and David Tua killing welterweights.

Oscar De La Hoya is taller, more reach, more skilled and faster than David Tua. We all know he stands totally 0 chance against Tua in a 12 rounder.
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