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Default Re: What did the Getting Rid of Same Day Weigh In Bring Us?

Brandon Rios wouldn't have wasted a year cutting down for two pretty meaningless fights he looked like **** in.

He rehydrated less than 10lbs on Saturday according to HBO oh, and what a surprise, he outlawed a bigger guy and looks as good as he ever has done.

Antonio Margarito would've been a journeyman in most era's. When he fought someone his own size (Santos) he struggled to implement his size and strength in the fight. Squeezes himself down and rehydrates? He's a destroyer of men.

G-Man probably would've avoided injury, though that's pure speculation.

So many factors make it a **** idea IMO. And as Sal' said, Gamache probably would've never fought a guy so much bigger than him and been hurt without 24 hour (that's bull**** in itself) weigh in's.

Manny Pacquiao would NEVER NEVER have even made flyweight on the day. Sasakul looks like a midget compared to him and Manny gets to call himself the lineal flyweight champion.


I will add there have always been guys that have tried to trim down to their lowest possible weight for an advantage. Nowadays, this is the norm and these super 8-12 week training camps are mainly based around cutting weight.
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