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Default Re: Froch V Calzaghe. A Close Fight?

Originally Posted by realsoulja View Post
Calzaghe has been floored 4 times in his career.

RJJ floored him with a right hand.
Hopkins floored him with a right hand.
Salem floored him with a right hand.
Mitchell floored him with a right hand.

This is not the only incident the southpaw has eaten right hands, Eubank, Reid and Kessler also had success with the right hand.

Carl Froch, he has that weapon in his ****nal, and demonstrated it to good affect against southpaw Magee, switch hitter Dirrell and southpaw Bute.

For these reasons I think Carl Froch would have success against Calzaghe but Calzaghe would eventually adapt and cruise to a UD as he did against Eubank, Reid and Kessler. However, if Froch stuns Calzaghe like Kabery Salem, or Byron Mithcell did (Salem and Mitchell are not on the same level as Froch) I can see a possible TKO for Carl Froch who is a good finisher and has a decent engine himself.

Don't misunderstand the above to be me thinking Froch would mos def KO Calzaghe, I am saying Froch has a legitimate punchers chance. If the fight does finish within the distance, we all can agree it would be Froch's hand raised, however I would still go for a Calzaghe UD for it makes more sense.

Also, think about it whenever Calzaghe has been hurt he got up and came back like a whirlwind, he rarely fought on the backfoot and his main game is to fight from mid range and use his superior workrate. All this would play into Froch's style who would welcome the opportunity for a s**** especially if Calzaghe been rocked.
RJJ floored him with a illegal blow from his forearm (completely unintentionally). It was bone on bone and, if the ref had seen it clearly, Joe would have received 5 minutes to recover. As it was, he recovered quickly. No gloved punch of RJJ had any effect on Calzaghe during the fight.

If you watch the slo mo replay of the "knockdown" you will see it clearly.
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