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Default K Pavlik interview comments

Great interview, Pavlik is pretty funny BUT

-Robert Garcia is not a "great" trainer in my opinion, glad Pavlik believes in him though.

-He needs to quit whining about why people keep asking about rehab. Its different then Floyd and Pac and Chavez Jr because they are/were WINNING! Pavlik was king of the middleweights, undisputed and undefeated. He then lost and had "legal and social issues" and has never reattained his championship status. Thats why those questions keep being asked. Its all about will he get back to the top. Untill he does, they wont stop asking. Or if he keeps winning while on top, no one will care about his legal issues because hes WINNING. Not to mention his called off/canceled fights (P williams/Bute/Youngstown fight) and issues with TR all while having his "legal/social issues" of various types. Very simple concept- Win like Floyd and be an asshole, nobody cares as long as youre winning. Sleep with everyone and gamble like Pac and still win, nobody cares as long as youre winning. Be at the top and lose and try to get back to the top but have yet to--better believe people are going to keep asking about the past.

-Lastly, Ward will kick his ass and cut him up more then Sergio did to him. Ward is too dynamic of a fighter to let a very one dimensional fighter with his trainer win but maybe one or two rounds, only because Ward takes a break ad******g his jockstrap. Froch thought the same thing as Pavlik, that his power would triumph. Its called boxing, and few are better schooled then Ward.
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