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Default Re: Why do Fans give Shane Mosley a Pass for Steroids.

Originally Posted by bjl12 View Post
Mosley is not a "typical" boxer. He does not trash talk or **** talk anyone. I don't believe he ever has. In fact, he's ALWAYS told the truth - even when it came to his own steroid use.

What does age have anything to do with Mosley's statement? Mosley said, "I've never felt power like that before." I think a hall of fame boxer (like Shane Mosley) can tell the difference between an opponent's power and his own mistake of not getting out of the way quick enough (which is what you're saying).

So, again, let's try to be somewhat objective. On one side we have Shane Mosley, a first ballot hall of fame boxer with an indisputable boxing resume, making a statement regarding Manny Pacquiao's punching power, "I've never felt power like that before." Now, in the context this statement was made, Shane does not mention that he believes the power he felt had to do with his age or his ability to "get out of the way," as you suggest.

Then we have you, a random user on a boxing forum, "thesandman." Somehow you feel qualified and educated enough to understand Shane's statement better than Shane himself understood it. For whatever reason, you think you know better than Shane Mosley regarding boxing (the hall of fame boxer).

Man, you should be a ****ing boxing ****yst or something, because jesus christ you know better than Shane Mosley does. What the **** are you doing wasting your intellect and abilities on a boxing forum?

God you are stupid as a rock. You, stupid as a rock? Well, given my first post, about the whole Manny Pacquiao fans being uneducated thing... yeah, it's all making sense now

And by the way, your hero, Manny Pacman Pacquiao, is or was juicing. Sad story bro

Right. And you're not some random user on a forum saying he's got proof Pac is a PED user?

Seriously man. At what point did you lose touch with reality?
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