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Default Re: What is the best kicking martial art?

Originally Posted by ROACH View Post
Everyone talks about this, but I rarely ever see knees or elbows being implemented in a fight.

If a guy gets that close, they are usually pushed against the cage at close quarters...

Okay, I take that back, they are kneeing eachother in the legs, but how much technique does that take? Isn't that something that would just come natural? It's like, hmmmm....I can't use my arms because I'm using them to hold on to my opponent...I can't kick because I'm too, I'll use knees.

That doesn't require much skill. That's mostly instinct. I mean, don't get me wrong, you need the balance, but every martial art has balance. If you don't have balance, it doesn't matter what you do, you're never going to be any good.

So while Muy Thai has more weapons, you can only utilize them up close and by that time, your opponent typically tries to grapple you and the fight ends up on the floor or against the cage.

Stand up is mostly utilized on the outiside. That's where you're most effective, unless you can catch somebody with some short hooks on the inside, but like I said, by that time, your opponent will typically grapple you.

So, why does Savate not get very much credit when it appears to be more fluid and geared towards counterpunching and defense than does Muy Thai?
Im choosing to reply because you went all that effort on a tiny ermark from myself, so out of politeness im obliging

Ill be honest, MT or any type of kicking is the weak part of my game, and believe me when i say this, im no expert, but i do MT so that a) i can see the kicks coming and counter with a shot (take down shot) or block them, b) to improve my elbow and knee techniques c) clinch work d) offensive kicking

Pretty much in that order of importance

Ill be completely honest with you here mate, I've never heard of Savate, so i cant compare the 2, going back to answering some of your statements/questions

I think unless your taking knee's in the clinch, either to the body or legs, you wont appreciate the damage you can cause with repeated knee's to your opponents legs and body, it can literally be the "fight winner or loser" depending on whether your giving or taking them

Leg kicks once again speak for themselves, being hit by a good leg kicker is like being hit with a base ball bat, nobody wants to be hit with a base ball bat right ???

Elbows .................... elbows are like throwing a punch, you still need to step in, use your hips and legs to generate power otherwise whats the point of throwing them ?, with everything that is technical it needs drilling, an elbow, knee or leg kick, or anything in MT is derived from technique, therefore that technique needs enhancing and mastering, does it not ??

Im not sure you have meant to come across as such but i get the feeling your being dismissive of the finer detail of MT for MMA, not just pure MT as practised in Thailand, which is short sighted and a tad ignorant as well as being wrong
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