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Default Re: Geale VS Mandy - Objective thoughts please, leave the trolling at the gate...

Originally Posted by fighta29 View Post
I see mundine showing everything he has got in the first 2 rounds, and then leaving it all there.
Mundines only chance is to stop Geale in the first 2-3, after that conditioning takes over. Mundine may have a couple of flashes of his former self here and there in the later rounds, but his age, and obvious lack of strength will play a big part.

His level of opponent in the last 3 years has been nowhere. Geale on the other hand has fought and won against world class, claiming 2 titles. Mundine has fought noones, and won nothing, and has been stopped by Garth wood. These facts facts speak for themselves.

Rounds 1-3 = Choc stays with Geale and survives with movement
Rounds 4-6= Geale ups the workrate, Choc on the back foot
Rounds 7-9= Geales workrate too much for choc, loses all 3 rounds
Roundss 10-12 Geales Work rate tires choc, and choc gets caught with shots, possible stoppage in rounds 10-11.
Winner - Geale
Choc retires.
The only problem I envisage is Mundine is a different style of fighter than Geale has been facing. But I think his movement ,handspeed,even hand eye coordination are in decline and Geales improving Geale wide UD maybe late TKO. Choc's running on old legs to borrow his putdown line.
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