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I dunno if my opinion counts cuz i've never tried one before (store bought anyway).
My only advice is to give one a try in the days BEFORE your fight. You never know how you'll react to something. I hear mixed reviews (yes, I've started a thread on the same topic a few months ago - you might find it if you search for key words "energy gels"). the last thing you want to do is find out ON FIGHT day, that you react negatively to it.
Some people react well, and some people get no benefit. A small handful even report increased heart rate/anxiety which affect them negatively.
People with very sensitive stomachs might even get indigestion.
In all likelihood, bad reactions are rare - but still, common sense says don't try anything new/untested on fight day.
If it doesn't irritate you - why not? If it works....great - if it's merely a placebo effect - that also can't be a bad thing. Like you said, every little bit counts.
Best of luck in your fight - have fun and keep us posted on the outcome!
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