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Default Re: Geale VS Mandy - Objective thoughts please, leave the trolling at the gate...

Originally Posted by Sox View Post
Mandy did have faster hands than Geale, not now though.
Agree to dissagree on that one Soxs. Mundine imo has the fastest hands in Australian boxing.

Actually it can.
Depends on how accurate he is, workrate didnt win it for him last time round and alot of the slow motion replays show geales combos completly missing the elusive Mundine.

Again, Mandy was once very accurate and slick. He is not today. There are very genuine and specific reasons for that.
imho its his weight loss that has caused this and he got a bit to comfortable fighting locals. he stoped testing himself but make no mistake he will rise to the occasion, this is his biggest fight since he fought Green and remember what everyone said about that fight? most had Green winning by KO. He humbled a nation and will do so again

No, and hell no.
I've watched Geale VS Mandy more than anyone, and not at any point were either fighters hurt.
Flash knockdowns are a bit techinical, some will say no hurt was done but imo when you have been knocked onto your bum with a shot you have been hurt. He wasnt off balance he got caught flush. I watched the fight again recently because of the gloves issue and i wanted to see if Geale really did win, i think the judges got it right and Mundine won. I also think Mundine could have done a much better job than he did, by his own admissions he didnt prepare correctly for the fight and thought Geale was an easy one, he wont make that mistake this time round, he has a sht load more money than Geale and will invest in Prime sparring partners, he may even venture overseas to the states for a training camp. Geales sparring partners are VERY limited and he cant find anyone that will replicate Mundine... food for thought.

Not sure why you keep saying that, Geales KO rate is 51%, Mandys is 54%.
Geale dont have the right hand that Mundine has. Geale knocks his opponents out with a flurry he isnt really known for one punch knockouts, Mundine in his prime was putting a few people to sleep with one punch. I agree its a bit even now in the punching department but i think Mundine takes it slightly and the percentage count shows this.

By your definition, Mandy can't bust a g**** either.
Agree to a point.

Bottom line is, both men have enough power to get the job done. Neither is a one punch KO artist.
Geale will wear him down with accumulation
Not if they are not landing, u cant wear someone down punching the air.
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