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Default Re: The better win Mayweather UD Mosley or Donaire TKO Nishioka.

Originally Posted by haworths623 View Post

5. Any reasonable boxing observer had Nishioka rated as number 1 in the division, whereas when Mosley fought Mayweather you could also make a case for Pacquiao being number 1 (as he had defeated Cotto who defeated Mosley).
If you point out that lineage, then complete it:

Cotto beat Mosley, Cotto is Ring Mag WW #1
Mayweather beat Hatton, Ring Mag WW title is forfeit upon Mayweather retiring
Margarito beat Cotto, Margarito becomes Ring Mag WW #1
Mosley beat Margarito, Ring Mag #3 beating Ring Mag #1 to become #1
Pacquiao beat Cotto
Mayweather beat Mosley, Ring Mag #3 beating Ring Mag #1 to become #1

While observers may have seen Mayweather and/or Pacquiao as the better fighter at WW, it was unanimous amongst publications that Mosley was the highest ranked WW (with the exceptions of those that honor but don't forfeit lineal titles upon retiring, in which case Mayweather would have been the lineal WW champ throughout his retirement).
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