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Default Re: Geale VS Mandy - Objective thoughts please, leave the trolling at the gate...

Originally Posted by kas117 View Post
Lets see- witnesses reporting the intimidation of judge, Marcus McDonnell by Mundines camp.
- if you can find me a fight where tape becomes loose SIX times under non-humid conditions, then I'll back off. It was done cause your idol couldn't keep up with the pace and managed to secure himself 6 extra breaks.
- if the circumstances surrounding the loose tape are found to be an intentional result by the fighters corner, than that fighter can be disqualified but you wouldn't **** all about that seeing as you've never had a professional bout because you lack both ***** and brains to do so.
-the repeated use of elbows by Mundine (4 times to be exact) should have been followed through with a 1 point deduction

Yes, I can say I'm proud follower of boxing and a fan of Geale, and guess what? Unlike you with mundine, I will support Geale even if he goes down to a lesser fighter. I won't abandon ship and become a fair weather fan like yourself, you gutless turd. I'm not a green supporter so I really don't care about your obsessive hatred for Green.

Funny Phil Austin himself stated that the IBO agreed with the decision, he personally endorsed Choc as a clear winner, and he also stated as a matter of fact that the IBO did not ever order a rematch, but merely made Geale mandatory challenger.
Nice bull**** story though

Fight will be an entertaining shut out to choc, he will likely again drop Geale and I also feel he stops Geale late in round 10.
If Geale survives fight will be similar scores to Choc vs Green, again Choc coming away with the points.
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