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Default Re: Geale to loose his titles to Mundine

I dont for the life of me understand why in the hell Geale would even entertain fighting Mundine , I guess redemption and a nice pay day would be the overriding factors , however Geale has done some very hard yards in going to Germany and getting a result and two straps in the process . Which is reason enough why Mundine should not even get a sniff at Geales titles/title he should go and do some hard yards himself before he can even consider himself a contender , he can stay in America with his 300 odd paying customers fighting stiffs for all I care , Mundine is a parasite (parasite - A person who lives at the expense of another , or of society in general) and I truly hope Geale ends this fight in the most spectacular fashion (think GARTH WOOD) with Mundine on his back and his career well and truly over ..........
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