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Default Re: Geale VS Mandy - Objective thoughts please, leave the trolling at the gate...

Originally Posted by kas117 View Post
Lets see- witnesses reporting the intimidation of judge, Marcus McDonnell by Mundines camp.
- if you can find me a fight where tape becomes loose SIX times under non-humid conditions, then I'll back off. It was done cause your idol couldn't keep up with the pace and managed to secure himself 6 extra breaks.
- if the circumstances surrounding the loose tape are found to be an intentional result by the fighters corner, than that fighter can be disqualified but you wouldn't **** all about that seeing as you've never had a professional bout because you lack both ***** and brains to do so.
Mundines camp did not intimidate ANY Judges, if anything Khoder was heard saying "We dont have the Judges on this one" or something to that extent. If Fans intimidate Judges thats another story and you really cant blame Mundines camp for the actions of Fans nor the reactions of Judges.

Show me evidence of Bandage Tampering between the rounds from Mundines corner, otherwise all your dribble is just hear say hypathedical theories.

As for having a pro fight, many officals and judges have never had a boxing fight in their lives let alone a pro bout, one of the greatest trainers in the world never had a single pro fight but managed to train one of the best heavyweights to grace the ring. Another theorie of yours shot down champ. No doubt ANY tampering with the gloves should ******t a DQL however no evidence of such has been bought forward.

-the repeated use of elbows by Mundine (4 times to be exact) should have been followed through with a 1 point deduction
You have to be joking right? Did you count how many times Geale headbutted Mundine? and did these 4 elbows occur one after the other?

Yes, I can say I'm proud follower of boxing and a fan of Geale, and guess what? Unlike you with mundine, I will support Geale even if he goes down to a lesser fighter. I won't abandon ship and become a fair weather fan like yourself, you gutless turd. I'm not a green supporter so I really don't care about your obsessive hatred for Green
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