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Default Re: The better win Mayweather UD Mosley or Donaire TKO Nishioka.

Originally Posted by haworths623 View Post

Pretty sure Pacquiao went straight in at number 1 when he beat Cotto.

It says on here Mosley entered at number 2 welterweight (I know they was 2 and 3 pound for pound).
I know this for a fact... I hate using that word, sorry... But really, entering May 1st, 2010, Ring Magazine looked like this:

P4P ranks:
1. Pacquiao
2. Mayweather
3. Mosley

WW ranks:
1. Mosley
2. Pacquiao
3. Mayweather

It was a big deal with many claiming Mayweather/Mosley should be for the vacant WW title since Mayweather lost it via retirement and not in the ring not too long before, while everyone else respected the lineage ceasing with the retirement and acknowledging that a WW lineal title wouldn't be worthy without Pacquiao in the fight.
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