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Default Re: Geale VS Mandy - Objective thoughts please, leave the trolling at the gate...

My thoughts...

I just got done watching Geale V Mundine I for I think the fourth time.

What a fight! Great high speed / high intensity boxing by both. Everytime either one seemed to be getting the upper hand the other would respond.

A few things I took away from that fight:

- I had money on Geale as he was good odds. Watching the fight live and every time since I always come up with the same result: Mundine winning a VERY close fight.

- Even though I always have Mundine winning, between the ridiculous tape on the gloves coming loose, the KD that wasn't scored and the intimidation of a judge by a member of Team Mundine, I always believed Geale and his camp had the right to feel hard done by. I still think Mundine won.

- Something which really came home to me having just watched the fight an hour ago: Mundines ability to hurt Geale and Geales seeming lack of ability to hurt Mundine. I don't call either one a power puncher at all and I don't think there is anything wrong with Geales chin at all but I saw Anthony hurt Daniel once badly and drop him on another occasion. We all know about the KD so I wont go into that but in the next round Mundine hurt Geale badly TO THE BODY and no one seems to talk about that or recall it. I dont blame anyone because I didnt really recall it but Mundine did hurt Daniel to the body which made him back off and go to the ropes and cover up. As I said earlier both boys landed big punches throughout the whole fight in what was a fantastic give and take battle but the only one who managed to hurt or drop the other guy was Mundine.

I go on about this because it really sticks out to me. Maybe I am making too much of it but I don't consider Mundine much of a power puncher (in his prime he had a very effective right hand) and Geale to me has never shown poor conditiong or a weak chin but as I say Mundine hurt Geale once and had him down once. When something happens once it MAY be a lucky shot but twice in the one fight and that's not an accident. Something to keep in mind.

Any way coming into this fight I cant see anything other then Geale being a big favorite. I really feel Anthony's prime left him after the second Sam Soliman fight. In saying that he can still perform well on occasion but not at his peak. Geale has only grown since their first fight - physically, mentally, in his boxing and preperation. I believe the next fight will be another close affair, Anthony not having to drain his aging body to JMW will help. As I said Daniel has only come on in leaps and bounds and while Anthony can only hope to reach the level of their last bout, you can expect Geale to fight well above the level he fought at the first time around. I think this fight will be a decisive win for Geale, no closer than 8 rounds to 4 but possibly 9 rounds to three or even 10 rounds to 2.

Whatever the outcome I am really looking forward to it and if it is in Sydney I will hopefully be in attendance!
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