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Default Re: Pavlik is a bad fight for ward

Originally Posted by WatchfortheHook View Post
Much respect for going after the top guy in the division. Personally if I was managing his career, I would have built up one more fight to it (Stevenson/Rodriguez...thinking long-term earning potential here). So respect to taking the fight even though on the surface he has nothing to lose.

I still think Ward dominates him though.

EDIT: I think the thing that may annoy people about this fight is assuming if it goes as expected, then it really reveal too much about either guy. If Ward has a dominating UD, or a 9-3 type decision, he's still the best fighter at SMW and Pavlik....well....where do you put him? His best win since he officially moved up to SMW was Will Rosinsky. His best win ever around SMW was Jermain Taylor at 166 almost 5 years ago and who knows exactly how much stock to put into given Taylor was viciously KO'd by Pavlik only 6 months before and Taylor's overall record at SMW isn't good. So if the fight goes about as expected Ward would still be #1 and Pavlik could be anywhere around the top 10. Had Pavlik had a build up fight to this one Stevenson/Rodriguez/Bika/etc it would give people more of an idea where to place him and how much to put into a Ward win (should he win).

Solid post, and I agree with most of it. However, the general hypocrisy of 99% of the so called "hardcore fans" on ESB disgusts me on an almost daily basis.

I really wanted Pavlik to jump all over the Rodriquez fight, but Pavlik wants Ward, and Garcia and Cameron Dunkin advised Pavlik to take the Ward fight rather than screw around with a guy like Rodriguez. If you watch a few of those Eli Sechbach vids on You Tube, it quickly becomes apparent that Garcia is pretty damn high on Pavlik. Right or wrong Robert seems to be a true believer, and Dunkin has never steered Pavlik wrong. (It wasn't Dunkin or Arum that came up with the Hopkins fight. They wanted him to fight Rubio. That **** was all on Kelly.)
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