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Default Re: The better win Mayweather UD Mosley or Donaire TKO Nishioka.

Originally Posted by casian72 View Post
Which win was better?

Legacy wise.

Career defining.

Based on fan perception!


No fanboyism or haters post please. Keep it civilized!

At the time, other than the Pac v Mayweather fight, the fans wanted Mosley v Mayweather because Shane had just beaten that bum Margarito. (although I said without PEDs shane will finally look old and I was proven right)

Who was asking for the Nishioka fight? The network or Bob came up with that BS. Nishioka was already retiring. I knew the fight would be lopsided. Career defining? More like career ducking as we all know as fans who Donaire should have been fighting.
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