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Default Re: What is the best kicking martial art?

Originally Posted by Wilhelm View Post
Don't ask six thousand questions in a post. There's no way anyone is going to answer every one and it makes it impossible to remember what you're actually interested in getting out of this thread.

You say all sorts of stuff about "but knees are only use blah" and "but this leg is turned blah" and "people aren't fluid blah" but you don't really know what you're talking about and you won't know until you go and try this stuff. Sorry, I know you're looking for some definitive answer before you try either but there's no way of know which will work better FOR YOU until YOU try them. Maybe you'll try MT and love it and forget all about this weird thread where you seem to want someone to tell you it's okay to do savate. Maybe you'll do savate and kick the **** out of everyone in your path and you'll feel super proud that you "knew it in advance". Who knows? No one does. Go try one, get decent at it by sparring a lot and then go to a gym where the teach whatever one you didn't choose and spar some other guys and see what you think. Sure, in a perfect world there would be 96 hours in a day and we'd all spend them training a dozen martial arts and all be stone cold badasses, but that's not the real world. Just go try it and be open minded and see what happens.

good comment man
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