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Default Re: Will Cotto or Mayweather finally fight Choc when he is middleweight champion agai

Originally Posted by kas117 View Post
****, you Mundine nuthuggers are stupider than I originally thought you all were. When Cotto whips Austin Trout ( you know, the guy who Mundine said was a no name ), do you honestly think Cotto would even look at an old never was no name like Mundine even if by some miracle he has the belts when Cotto has big money fights with Canelo, a unification fight with K9, and a possible rematch with Pacquiao? Wake up you ****ing morons, you lack of boxing knowledge is absolutely laughable. Besides Mundine turned the chance to win the WBA Light Middleweight belt of Trout and instead vacated the interim title to fight 41 y/o Bronco McKart and you think he is going to fight Mayweather and Cotto?!?

I dare you to post you these ridiculous threads on the General Forum, because if you do, you will be laughed of the page
He is winding people up mate. I hope.
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