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Default Re: How were old timers so good?

Originally Posted by MagnaNasakki View Post
How many pro fights have you had, professor?
Weak. It's like me asking you - how many championships have you won?

You just aren't correct in this statement, mate. I get what your driving at, but you gain the comfort and the nuance to your game in the ring, with a live opponent. The "skills", as you call them, aren't near as important as learning to use them in live fire scenarios. The best mechanics on earth that unravel under fire with buy you a candy bar if you have a dollar.
You can approximate live fire scenarios in sparring. People get hurt and knocked out in sparring all the time, ask Chad Dawson. If instead of learning the skills, you just work out and have 3 fights a month, it's not going to work. You talk about mechanics unraveling under fire, but what's going to happen if you don't have the mechanics in the first place? I agree that you gain comfort and nuance from actual fights, but all the comfort and nuance in the world wouldn't have helped Gatti against Mayweather.
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